Growing up I loved to help out in the kitchen. I have lovely memories of making recipes from our Disney cookbook with the help of my mother. The whole process was so much fun and being able to lick the spoon from a cake or cookie batter was definitely a plus. Cooking and baking have always held a special place in my heart because food makes people happy. It also served as a sort or therapy when things in my life were challenging.

And then I discovered baking shows on PBS (I know, I'm dating myself here). Soon after came the Food Network and a particular episode about cheesecake. Being just a bit competitive, I thought to myself "I could do that!" Although easier said than done, I was determined to learn and watched or read everything about baking and cheesecakes that I could get my hands on. If you know anything about making a cheesecake from scratch, you know that they are finicky, fussy and downright difficult at times. But I managed it and practiced so much that I was giving them away.

That is where it all began. Eventually after lots of encouragement from family and friends, I began selling my cakes and pastries. Today I still love to play a part in those special moments in life from birthdays to anniversaries or just a simple thank you gift. Food makes people happy and treats made with chocolate - well, you know.

Cravings by Cakelation Events is my way of sharing that love of baking on a larger scale. I can't think of anything better to receive in the mail.